The Tweezers

Dancing Around Destiny

The Riddle of My Heart

I like it Smooth, I like it Sweet I like it Quiet, I like it Right Unpredictable & Surprising Simple and Light Exciting but fright me not Inspiring and Breathtaking … Continue reading

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Sailing On Ancient Waters

It was last Feb 2012, that I’ve taken a journey into the vein of life in Egypt, a Nile Cruise in upper Egypt. Details about Dahabiya Nile Cruise are worth to check … Continue reading

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The Faith-Love Workout

It’s not about what you say or don’t It’s about what is TRUE ..and what is not Tell me that I’m a superwoman and I’ll beat the world, Tell me … Continue reading

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The Old Face Of A Wrinkled Dream

There was once a time that I thought I knew it all, I thought I was free to soar, I thought I was strong for all; I could stand on … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Beauty In Alexandria

I was born in Alexandria in 1986, but my family moved to Cairo in 1988, so basically I grew up in the busyness lfe of Cairo city.  Ever since, my … Continue reading

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Time Management

It’s time to divide, It’s time to define, It’s time to fill out in my blanks, It’s time to create, even more blanks if I have to; It’s time to … Continue reading

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A Young Woman’s Driving in Egypt Reflects Darwin’s Theory

Having a 5-year professional experience in brutal driving as a Cairene, it has transformed me into this chaotic expert that would defy every man’s opinion that goes with “Women CAN’T Drive”, … Continue reading

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