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My Story

Hi, I’m Christine Ghobrial and I am an Egyptian Cairene who loves to travel, write and take lots of photos to record life as the world needs to know it. It also feels kinda weird writing about myself other than writing for a client.

Words That Describe Me:

Creative. Ambitious. Zealous. Intelligent. Nuts. Analytic. Deep. Fun. Wild Thinker.

I grew up in a christian counseling home with the most amazing family in the world. My dad is the best friend, my mom is the disciplinarian and my brother is the annoying who turned into a sweetheart when he moved out. That brings the whole picture of a loving gentle and perfect home. But I’ve had my shares of struggles and challenges at school, work, love and relationships.

I’ve always wanted to be an interior decorator but for some reason of which I know not of, I got to study English Literature as university studies and I wasn’t into it that much! But after my bachelor’s degree and graduation in 2008, I got an amazing job as a writer at one of the largest design and architecture magazines in the city of Cairo, which has got me a bonus of working with designers and meeting much more amazing people, while got to write about them at one time.  Few years of my life rocked working in the field of advertising and publishing which was a bliss.

I moved from the printed world of magazines and publishing starting by Mitch Designs, where I freelanced for a web design and development agency until I worked there full time and worked on several projects. I started following into footsteps of web content management when my partner and I established Egyptolution, a travel website that revolves around the wonders of traveling in Egypt.

Lately, I ended up writing online for several sources and my own website and I really felt that before my passion wears off at writing, I have to express myself freely on a portal, knowing that I will never get judged for anything I post or write.

I have a hot thing toward my guitar, which unfortunately never settles for anything more than a strum then ends up more useful in its case. Candles set my perfect mood for writing and coffee seems to be a great start for the day.

What breaks me free is writing poetry from the depth of the lost parts in my soul, and eagles are my favorite birds that express many good things about me, one of them is when my best friend describes me as “the eagle pen”.

I have an aching heart and strong belief that every woman should break free and be her-precious-self.  I’d love to see all women achieve more than they could ever imagine. I’d love to see every woman out of her social domineering society confident enough to grow in knowledge, work hard and not fall short of her family specially in Egypt & the Middle East. SHE CAN DO IT. I simply want to watch her FLY and soar above her challenges into her destiny like I’m on the verge of figuring it out.

One last thing, I HATE STEREOTYPING, and that is what I’m gonna try hardest to avoid on The Tweezers.

Without a doubt it’s gonna be the best picks of my favorite things..


One comment on “My Story

  1. Karim Makin
    July 22, 2012

    Nice Story

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