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What We Can Deliciously Kill And Eat Alive

There are very PRECIOUS moments that you just can’t say “NO” to your top picks of DELICIOUS plates and incredible desserts while you are on a diet for health reasons and cravings start to nag… Oh yeah that’s what happens…

OK! Here’s a main must have dish from Spectra, Egypt. It’s one of the top- actually the best chain of restaurants in my opinion-in Egypt.

Interior design do matter while service is indispensable, and both are greatly well taken care of overthere to provide that chic and elegant yet casual environment.

My favorite branch is located right in front of Conrad Hotel in Cairo across from the Nile view and it’s got the best seating spots ever. You won’t have to be laid aside on any nasty table locations if place is full!


Best timings for this place either sunset or evenings…if ever in Cairo, I recommend you’d jump in a taxi from downtown to Conrad Boulaq and cross the street if you are brave enough. If not let the driver U-turn the high way to drop you at the entrance door.

Chicken Ripple


My mom & I were on to some errands and I couldn’t  help it but make a drift turn and stop by for a ‘mom/daughter’ lunch at Spectra’s to stuff in my hunger and some quality time with her.

Eating Methodology

First of all, you gotta run the sharp knife through the chicken fillet so you enjoy seeing the inside colors of hot cheese spreading on the plate and an irresistible smell. Then you may feel free to taste afterwards and eat.

Chocolate Fondont

Finding your way in for dessert’s yummiest moments is all about saving space for that….


Eating Methodology

And that, my fellow hungry friends, is what we kill and eat alive …

With the fuzzy fudgy choclate maniaaaa,once you pass through the fork/knife, you gotta grab the first bite from the fudgy cake along with melted chocolate sauce inside and the ice-cream topping all TOGETHER.

Secret place for this sweet pick lies in in Crave’s Tivoli Dome in Almaza, Heliopolis and Beanos Cafe all over Cairo. I’d go for Beanos cafe ss there is no minimum charge just to try this Chocolate Mania out.

Don’t forget the good company while you’re eating! *wink*


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