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The Man Who Wrote The Book Got On The Ark of Life

I loved this movie..I keep watching it over and over for some reason…

Isn’t “2012” such a powerful movie?! THE END OF THE WORLD… it’s so easy to make assumptions and make movies about the future end although it’s a fact proven by science and mentioned in all the religions of the world yet we put under a Sci Fi category of unrealistic Hollywood entertainment and we maintain the choice of avoiding it or dismissing the thought of it because it might be a matter of a “too early” or “nonsense” of the unspeakables of NOW! In other words, everyone is already hooked up in ENOUGH things and there’s NO time to REFLECT!

Personally, I am in love with this movie’s production in terms of graphics, incredible movie effects, great actors, and its outstanding scenario but speaking about the amount of imagination put into it was a big part of my fascination for it. As I do believe that every imagination is conceived in our minds and hearts to reveal a mystery of some kind, a future possibility of some kind, a longing for creation that is planted in our deepest desires living on earth.  A big part of that desire is to see ETERNITY, to be part of it, to prepare for it…or in other words fasten forward Earthly Events to experience an exquisite Glory of meeting the CREATOR God and be with Him… and since the bible speaks about it already, “…He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecc 3:11 (NIV), the endless series of events that are taking place in the world now might seem a bit chaotic, near the end, almost describing JUDGEMENT. Day.

One of the major reasons I also loved this movie was a dream I had 4 years ago (before this movie ever came out). I found small scenes and images of myself, my mom and a baby that wasn’t mine or anyone else’s found in a very tight cabin room hosting a bed and a tiny oval window which seemed to me in the dream that all of a sudden I was there without any warnings or introductions. Clueless and inquisitive I was, it was horrific to think “Where are we?! and what am I doing here?”, A trans took us on the deck of a huge ship where we were in the middle of spacious waters and no land horizon, our only sight was hundreds of other ships surrounding this huge white Jesus statue (at that time I didn’t know it even existed until I knew later that it was a touristic attraction in Brazil on a high hill) while my view took me far up like from a helicopter view and I started to see that there was no LAND – and everything was COVERED UP by WATER and the only chance left  for people to find life was to strip wood and metal of the ships from their architecture body to spread them on water to create a some kind of floating NEW LAND. Well I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of silence and deep thought of “THE END” could it be near?!

Stating all that isn’t meant to entice any notions of fear or confirm predictions of the near future, but rather expressing simply my enjoyment watching certain parts of that movie because they relate to my dream and threading it to my thoughts, I see something true in the imagination displayed.

Of course I didn’t enjoy watching the thought of the whole face of the earth getting wiped out and swallowed up eliminating any sources of life, but here’s what I am certain of, If we seek Eternity, it is found in our HEARTS which sums it up “We are  prepared!”

The movie shows John Cusack, as the loner author Jackson Curtis who wrote Farewell Atlantis. This book nor the author were famous but both revealed a fiction epic novel in their age that of which his imagination spoke it and something was written in a flow of imagery and great vision about the fall and rise of a new civilization. Something about keeping the race of humankind and finding hope in the midst of chaos. Speaking of the man who wrote the book , Jackson Curtis survived in the movie and escaped with his family to find shelter and got on the Ark of Life because he saw something no one else could see, and he wrote something, not everyone knew in his time!

My point of reflection is that something inside of us will speak louder in us about THE END and it will be the beginning of a new reign and rule. Our preparation won’t be in which survival method but, I believe, in the quote that wrapped up the end of the movie “The moment we stop fighting for each other, that’s the moment we loose our humanity.” ~ Adrian Helmsley (The Scientist of the White House). It is when ALL unite and see ONE THING and mark one ARK for humankind to be SAVED – THE EARTH!

I’ll leave you with this thought: We could be WRITING the END without even realizing it….


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