The Tweezers

Dancing Around Destiny

Communicate vs. Rejection

We do it everyday. Rejection. Don’t we?

If a beggar asks you for money, we condemn him to a jobless reckless drunk homeless on the streets…

If a girl wears nasty, we condemn her a label of prostitution…

Have you tried to LISTEN to what they’ve got to say?!

Rejection! It is the one thing that keeps people hurting for years and the one action we sometimes take toward others.

I wonder why we take that approach in the first place. When I come to think of it’s murder power, actually, it bothers me in all its scenario cases. It’s inhumane.

Yes,  “Rejection” is an anti-people thing, embodied in slaughtering hurtful words, or disappointing gestures, or simply just ignorance and neglect. It avoids COMMUNICATION or UNDERSTANDING!

I believe that rejection is simply not seeking enough depth for understanding, since it’s an action or thought followed by a mere judgement that could  be right or wrong without communicating it deeply enough to sort out some possibilities or solutions or even agreement.  It has no credibility to getting some truth out of anything.

Why do we do it?

Why do we tend easily to give up in rejecting a situation, a person, or a despair of any kind?

Is rejection an act of FEAR?!

Is it a defense-ful approach  to run away from our inefficiencies or emotional malfunction?

I wonder… Probably if our hearts weren’t too afraid to understand the full capacity of human beings (relationships), we would’ve not suffered “REJECTION” that much. It sorta describes itself in Fear of INTIMACY.

The art of understanding actually eliminates rejection. Believe it or not, everyone wants to be understood or heard in some way or another.

That’s why writers write, singers sing, and artists come up with the craziest things and actually seek fame for in the first place…everyone longs for a medium of expression…Someone to Listen what they’ve got…they want to be heard..they want to definitely explain SOMETHING from their deepest beings.

We get carried away by work and duties everyday while we forget that the real essence of life is about CONNECTIONS and PEOPLE and not what we do. If what we achieve is related to simply what we do, then how about  “WHO” will praise us for it anyway…so it ends up at CONNECTIONS either way. We do what we do to be noticed, heard and appreciated and not to be JUDGED or Rejected for it.

That’s why it takes courage to get past the fear of getting closer, of understanding, and finally of intimacy…CONNECTING!

It’s an attitude of acceptance and allowing others to freely BE in a judgement-free environment. It opens doors to get to know others without any fear of a heart-conservative stupidity.

I honestly think this is the one issue holding us back to build new relationships, helping others, changing the world or even giving ourselves a chance to be IN LOVE.

Have a perfect cheerful day, if you COMMUNICATE!


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