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On Advertising and Ramadan 2012: It’s Morally Disturbing…

Tweezing on TV in Ramadan 2012…

Watching TV shows is something very interesting these days, somehow addictive. In fact, every famous actor, actress, and singer shows up everywhere, specially with the big ad companies.  BUT..

All the channels play at least 10-minute Commercial Ads which break in every 10-minute episode you are watching the show around 60 minutes, considering the revenue of any Ad actually spent 40,000 LE per 30-seconds. It bothers me that every Ad repeats itself every round-up sponsorship at every show, its inhumane.

For those of you who don’t know, Ramadan is the holy month of the year where Muslims are required to fast from sunrise till sundown all day. Iftar hour comes to a break and everyone, literally everyone, gets to gather around tables of food, family and Television.

Ramadan SUPER BOWL is the “can’t wait for” season for TV productions annual business buzz.  TV Shows, Host shows, programs, Advertising commercials bring out the best shot they’ve got in WAR COMPETITIONS in marketing. It’s high entertainment season, high viewership, and an advertising battle field on TV that every Commercial is made up of 4 Weekly/series that change accordingly with same plot, different story in between different episodes (that are repeated daily for follow ups) IMAGINE!

I have to admit that some of the commercials were really creative and fun to watch.  Coca Cola commercial was awesome, it was a really cheerful one that holds a message of spreading joy around on the streets and everywhere. Pepsi also delivered a message of cheerful generosity, in addition to advertising for their involvement in the Food Bank campaign to the poor.

But what bothers me the most is that I strongly see  our Media is deteriorating before my eyes and sadly our Social behavior. There’s something terribly wrong going on in our TV commercials content which are reflecting the sick moral standards of our society and beliefs.

While I decided to tweeze on those ads, some of my friends on Facebook have shared 13 Most Disturbing Vintage Ads for Household products on my feeds, you may find it extremely interesting, which was sorta a sign to carry on with this post. *Sigh*

Men Domineering Society

Disgusting and sickening to the last bit second of it, Birell Commercial is frankly the worst obnoxious that has ever passed me by my watching TV history. First, it conveys: a non-alcoholic beer, secondly and ironically: it states clearly you HAVE TO drink that silly useless sour product that tastes horrible to MAN UP (getting this ugly mustache and lots of ewwww hair on the face and chest), if you didn’t drink it, you are a girl in the most disgusting manner. How could people respond to buying into that in any way?!

Slogan written gives that impression “Are you drinking Birell or might you be something other than this year’s manhood?”

Morally Confused And Disturbed Culture

Translation: Don’t worry, Cottonil will sustain religion

Outta of all the products in the world, specifically the Egyptian market, Cottonil, an underwear brand name of men’s cotton underwear in Egypt, had decided to go on TV commercial world in Ramadan productions and speak up of their poetic comfortable boxers in a conservative culture. Considering  how up tight the Egyptian religious culture is, why on earth would they think of advertising for underwear, which is even NOT SEXY in a million years when you don’t have the right to bring in a half-naked man on TV commercials.

Within the hidden lines of the TV commercial, it states an unbelievable unbearable message to the conservative society through voicing over a terribly failing trial of being “Sexy” or “hot”.

In the picture: I’m not sure if that was sarcasm on Muslim Brotherhood government or for real use of underwear these days. I HATE IT!

Social Discrimination

Since Ramadan is the month where people focus on getting closer to god, family and doing good in general, for some reason countless commercials ads play on feeding the poor and stupidly display the social differences of giving below the lower classes while the middle classes (or upper classes) enjoy life including feeding on their self-righteous of ‘doing good’, which frames down our CLASSES that it’s THERE and It will remain that WAY because we want them to be like that! And I just have to disagree. I also don’t care if the intention of the commercial is a good one, but I am fully against the expression of the way we reveal our society.

Governmental Irresponsibility To Citizens’ Wellness is not an individual’s full responsibility to pay BILLIONS of donations or money for Hospitals or Rehabilitation centers to rise in this country!!!! I don’t mind that I’d get involved, put some shares, raise some funds, but I’m up against commercials that are requiring me to, again, pay money because it’s just Ramadan (one month of doing good). People need to be well at all times of the year, people need to live right, have everything they need, because the government is THERE and should provide all of that.

Or how come you spent all this money on advertising a commercial TV while your project still needs more donations ?!!!!! Wake up people!!!

That’s enough on advertising in Ramadan Super Bowl commercials nowadays, I was just hoping to see things better and hopefully convincing of a better social maintenance…


2 comments on “On Advertising and Ramadan 2012: It’s Morally Disturbing…

  1. Jaime
    August 14, 2012

    I am so glad I stumbled upon this. I’m not Muslim but have always been intrigued by Ramadan since I learned about it a few years ago. Now that I am in a Muslim country (Egypt) during Ramadan and dating a Muslim who is participating in it thought I would too. It has been interesting and something I am sick and tired of is the damn commercials. OH MY… I mean after reading this it ALL makes sense and I hate that it’s the same ones over and over and over. The other day I woke up singing RAMADAN KAREEM because it’s sung in like every commercial. SInce I don’t speak Arabic I have no clue what they are saying but all the commercials are for the big products sadly reminds me of how things are in the USA… BUY BUY BUY things you don’t need. Anyway thank you for sharing this I may link to it when I write about my experience in Ramadan.

    • The Tweezers
      August 14, 2012

      You cracked me up by waking up and singing what commercials sing repetitively. It lingers in my head too. See that’s what they do, slowly nailing you down in a world of materialism and UNWANTED stuff!!! I’ll be waiting to see your experience post about Ramadan, because as an Egyptian I really don’t know how non-Egyptians think of it, specially you’ve decided to be part of the environment and culture, which is so interesting, I believe.

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