The Tweezers

Dancing Around Destiny

The Riddle of My Heart

I like it Smooth, I like it Sweet
I like it Quiet, I like it Right
Unpredictable & Surprising
Simple and Light
Exciting but fright me not
Inspiring and Breathtaking

I like it Purple, I like it Golden
I like it Round, and hard to find
Crystal Clear, Charm me to the point
Echo of silence and senseless time
Ever laughter and few appreciated tears
Sour harsh with a cherry on top

I like it fantabulously uttered
I like it with Cinnamon fragrance
Slight of apple green candle light
with a Silver ribbon wrapped in linen
I like it mild but worth the sapphire sparkle
I like it confident, and humble BOLD

I like it Detailed, I like it well maintained
I like it convincing, with a happy ending
I like it Indian,French, Spanish, or English
As long as its gotten and not quite foolish
I like it when its the matter of the heart
And Mind as well, while mysteries discovered

I like it in a glimpse, a catch of an eye
I like it peaceful  yet floats in a sigh
I like it with or without
in due season I can decide
I like it against all odds
with a new lesson that counts

Graceful and Favorable
When its splashed in the air
a language that is heard and fair
to that heart of mine and to my soul
Addressed out and destined to fall
I like it risked, valued, and that is all!


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