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Sailing On Ancient Waters

It was last Feb 2012, that I’ve taken a journey into the vein of life in Egypt, a Nile Cruise in upper Egypt. Details about Dahabiya Nile Cruise are worth to check out.

On the upper deck of our Dahabiya Nile Cruise

I’m one of the people who will definitely avoid luxury to gain authenticity. Sailing in between agricultural towns and Pharaonic temples was amazing.

One of the Sailors on the boatd

Some of the things I could lay hands on:

  • Tranquility That Revives a Soul…
  • Nature that Heals 
  • Meeting Genuine people in a New Culture
  • Authentic Cuisine & Great FOOD
  • Floating on water rocks your bed to sleep like a baby peacefully!
  • Lots of Pharoanic Temples Sightseeing & Historic Stops While Sailing

Nature’s purity that looks like a real painting

Unlike cruise ships or boat trips, A Dahabiya Nile Cruise tends more to Eco-Tourism.

Suite Terrace

Suite Terrace At The Tail of the boat

I was hitting rock bottom in the busyness of life; phone calls, emails, a million lists to do, traffic, pollution and stress…hectic enough to explode.

Marakbi on Sail- So BRAVE!

It was perfect stay for 5 days, seeing everyone connect away from technology and distanced minds. Mingling with the everyone on board was the greatest thing for me.

Front Deck-Beautiful

It was a journey out of time for me that brought me out of myself to see a new dimension of places and culture.


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