The Tweezers

Dancing Around Destiny

The Old Face Of A Wrinkled Dream

Eagle on water

An eagle soars on fresh water

There was once a time that I thought I knew it all,

I thought I was free to soar, I thought I was strong for all;

I could stand on mountain tops and dance up in the air;

I could break through the dark clouds and ride the air;

My wings carried others to their destinies;

I had the secrets of all places, engraved deep in my heart,

I could make it safe from danger, risking hunters’ eye sight,

I thought I was made to fly, I was built to be the Eagle, I thought was supposed to be!

I was aware of whom to keep under shelter,

Whom to take the hit for and never leave behind an aching voice,

Arrows could strike in my wings and I could carry on no matter what.

I could heal, be restored back, because I could SEE further than my own.

It was a time where I loved to hear other Eagles’ squeaks;

The sound of their gathering, mighty and glorious;

When the wind was rushing in so strong,

And the flapping of their wings moved the water below;

There was a vision, and there was a reason to be,

A reason to live or die for,

I was willing to pay off my life for a greater purpose;

That hasn’t even been known or seen, but I was sure it was there.

Far be described in words or sincere,

I Saw a True thing!

Because I believed it too much,

Because I loved it too much,

I have fallen out of sight.

Just a face in the crowd;

Left behind in the mud of my blood,

Watching soaring creatures scatter from above,

If my words fly to the hearts of men,

I fail to ride them myself not even an inch off of the ground!

While I used to dream for stronger feathers to keep me for 50 more years.

What a shame?!

Day in & day out I fake something to live for,

and look ahead to fast forward a new destiny,

I have become the old face of a wrinkled dream…


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