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A Young Woman’s Driving in Egypt Reflects Darwin’s Theory

Having a 5-year professional experience in brutal driving as a Cairene, it has transformed me into this chaotic expert that would defy every man’s opinion that goes with “Women CAN’T Drive”, well they’re absolutely WRONG. At least I can prove it! If a woman can drive down the streets of Cairo, she can do anything else in her life. That’s for sure.

The Sweet Chaos of Driving in Cairo

First of all I’d like to express how much I love driving in Egypt, and to this day I always say that if I lived anywhere else in the world that granted me organized infra-structure and lawful driving roads, I would’ve not be having as much fun as I am today all over Cairo, it is thrillingly adventurous.

My car and I are connected in some way or another, I called it an Arabic name for “Going Nuts”. She bore with me a lot. Her rides are the most enjoyable; she’s got the best music. She’s Smooth! Frankly, if I haven’t worked out my driving muscles on her, it would’ve not been such a sweet chaos. She’s a black beauty!

Darwin Set The Laws of Driving

As for those driving five years, I have decided to gather my observations in mere words. Well Darwin once put it in terms of evolution, “Survival is for the fittest”, and as an opinionated female driving citizen, I would have to agree that if it isn’t a physical evolution, then it must be a moral one that might provoke every Egyptian driver’s fists to get ready for a street fight.

To me it is just HILARIOUS. Seriously hear me out, Who is the fittest to survive out here?

Be The Fittest To Drive in Egypt

Well if you can definitely fit your car in a 4-inch parking spot, then you have already learned how to survive well enough to park your car. Nevertheless finding your car every morning with a different bruise mark while it’s still in its parking area, Oh well, what’s the difference if cars seem to just work perfectly well as graffiti walls for pedestrians or passersby?! That absolutely works perfectly fine as a survival method.

I don’t know what to call this? Suicidal pedestrians, who want to cross roads impatiently, yet none of them ever succeeds to die. I don’t know whether if it looks like car drivers miss out on the bonus points or the passersby, themselves escape the Game Over beep die or in other words, “Driving Over” perspective, method two!

Or those delivery motor bikes, who believe themselves as smart heads who own the road because they ride speeding rather than we, the lower citizens that take up much more space on the road, specially when it is extremely crowded and they start thinking of themselves as winged planes for some reason. What on earth are they doing? Could they be trying to be squashed in between cars like cockroaches?! They don’t use their ears, mirrors, nor their direction lights. Oh chasing delivery motorcycle boys is so much fun and yet they make it just on time!!! That is Survival method number three.
Quite intriguing yet so much fun to drive in Egypt.


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