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Welcome Note

Welcome to The Tweezers!

Little do we know about the number of ideas that come and go in anyone’s head every second. This is where the riddle of all my eternal mind arguments are thrown into this bucket to be given some shape and form.

It’s amazing how my mind can be electrified at some times with ideas and none of them can be picked out easily or smoothly. This is where I can take the time to tweeze them out of my brains’ neurons.  Some thoughts, sometimes things, I’d like to take the time to review every thought over a cup of coffee. That be said,  a thought might lead into a destiny.

“You can make anything by writing” C.S.Lewis

Our minds are such a beautiful thing to dance around and let the words just run over the screen. Reflected in Movies, stories, words, recipes, fashion, cosmetics, beauty…etc; They all are by products of which we engage in our imagination and so our reality drags them into existence. Every need evolves in that sense to meet our purpose in life and the list will keep growing till we discover the reason behind everything.

Thoughts and questions will keep running and tweezers will not stop plucking out the best of everything.

Tweeze A Thought .. Let’s Dance Around Who We Really Are


3 comments on “Welcome Note

  1. Zambo
    July 22, 2012

    I can relate to this.

    • The Tweezers
      July 22, 2012

      Yeah? How..tell me.. 🙂

      • Zambo
        July 23, 2012

        I share this same reality of thoughts you speak about

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